Building Innovation Capacity

Project Management

Managing research projects can differ significantly from the management of other projects. The degree of risk, uncertainty and complexity in research projects is often higher than that associated with other projects.

The experienced research project manager must ensure that projects are carefully planned at proposal stage, adequately resourced, proper management structures put in place, milestones and deliverables clearly identified, time lines communicated while all the time allowing adequate flexibility and autonomy as new ideas emerge.


At DeepWater Training we have extensive experience in the planning and management of in-company projects, collaborative projects with the third level sector and large international research consortia.


We work with clients in the key areas of:
  • Establishing research objectives
  • Structuring and resourcing research programmes
  • Project planning
  • Building research teams
  • Developing collaborative partnerships with third-level researchers
  • Managing in-company research projects
  • Managing national and international consortia (including Framework)
  • Monitoring and evaluating research projects and outputs
  • Preparing progress reports and financial reporting

"DeepWater Training's knowledge and experience assisted us greatly in the planning and management of complex, multi-partner projects. Their insights and advice on project management structures proved very useful"

Mr. Jim Cuddy, Enterprise Ireland